Tips for storage

Of course, gingerbread taste best when it's fresh. Gingerbread should always be kept in a protective packaging in a cold storage at about 16/18 ° C and about 65% humidity. If you respect these conditions,  the pastry keeps its full flavor and remains soft  for about eight weeks . Because we don't  use any  preservatives , we recommend your order close to the time of consumption. 


Most suitable for storage are small cans or cabinets. Should it get hardened by improper storage we have a tip:

Puts the gingerbread in a stoppered flask and add some freshly cut apple slices.
Then seal it  with a plastic sheet and a rubber band and let it stand for several days. The gingerbread absorb the moisture of the apple slices. But beware! Not keep it shut too long, as this could lead to mold growth