The manufacture of gingerbread in Nuremberg has a long tradition . Since the medieval, Nuernberg was known for a place of delicious gingerbread even far beyond the borders of the city.

Nuernberg owes the glory and tradition as a gingerbread city not at least because of its easily accessible location. Located on a cross- point of many trade routes and ancient spice roads, Nuremberg was the ideal place for the gingerbread. In addition, the Nuremberg "Lebküchner" sat by the big bee gardens in the forests around Nuremberg directly on the sweet honey source. This makes the raw materials available and the sales reached quickly.

Towards the end of the 14th Century, the term "gingerbread"  appeared in Nuernberg for the first time. In the account books of 1395 a  "Lebküchner "was taxed. It must have come quickly to a specialization of the bakery, which produced only gingerbread in Nuremberg  . However, it was difficult to be recognized officially as a craft guild. It was until 1643, the Council of the City of Nuremberg approved  the establishment of a separate "Lebküchnerzunft".

Until today, the tradition of gingerbread at Nuremberg is alive. Is a gingerbread called "Nürnberger Lebkuchen" it is the guarantee that the gingerbread was made in Nuremberg. Since 1996 the brand "Nürnberger Lebkuchen" is
protected across Europe.