Help Alliance

Welcome to  childrens Paradise in Ghana.

For the first time in 2006 HelpAlliance supported this project, which has set itself the goal to alleviate the plight of the street children in Accra.


Children's Paradise is a nonprofit organization and serves a total of 81 children and adolescents living on the street, or whose lives were at risk due to special circumstances. The photos were taken in October 2008 on the occasion of the opening of a school in Paradise children in Accra.


To the delight of children, we sweetened the occasion with our gingerbread.

Whether long-term project or a short-term use in the event of a disaster - the Lufthansa associates and employees personally assume responsibility for the proper use of donations, because they know the local situation and guide the action intense. We ensure that your money gets where it is needed. For those concerned.

Even you can help and support the projects of the HelpAlliance.


The following link provides information on the work of HelpAlliance.

There, you also have the opportunity to support targeted projects.